My relationship with food and eating out is a mercurial one at best. Every year I make a resolution to curb my dining out habit. Every month, I stare aghast at my excel spreadsheet (yes, I have one), at the number of times I’ve eaten at restaurants, and the amount of money and calories that are implied. Every day, I wake up with the intention to cook good food* and eat at home like most people do.

If God ever decides to take a break from serious matters, and needs a laugh, He only needs to compare my intentions with my actions.  However, let it never be said that I’m not self aware – I know it’ll be a while before I can achieve this particular goal. In the meantime, it makes sense to utilize my fondness for eating out and appreciating its benefits – namely, discovering new places and new foods, becoming the local yelp/zagat to your friends, not having to do the dishes and clean up the mess I make when I do cook and best of all, getting the chance to create unique memories with my friends and family. 

* I am making all sorts of assumptions here: That people who cook at home, cook well. That I cook well. That food cooked at home is healthier (and thus, good for you) than food cooked at restaurants. That most people eat at home most of the time. Etc. Etc. Etc. Having said all that, let’s just accept this premise for now, eh?