The new year had arrived! I had even caught fireworks the night before, despite having not made real fireworks viewing plans. I had spent the evening with a friend, watching movies, and as I stepped out of the house a little past midnight, having ushered in the new year almost half-grudgingly and declaring “enough” in true humbug style, fireworks started going off. Small scale, and all local, some even from a neighbor’s backyard!

Maybe because I wasn’t expecting to see fireworks or maybe because it was an unexpected treat to just stand in the middle of the road in the cold and watch the sky light up with bursts of festive colors almost raining down on us – either way, it signaled an amazing start to the new year. Chirpy and excited, happily willing to let the past year’s challenges and issues just melt away and realizing very well that they never do melt away, I was in great spirits first thing in 2012.

Buck’s just enhanced the buoyant start. A couple of my friends went on an early morning hike to usher in their start to the new year with amazing natural beauty of the rolling hills kissed by the warmth of the first light of the day. I slept in and then joined them for brunch at Buck’s.

I had not heard about the place before – even though apparently it is an iconic establishment of the area, and even though I had already lived here for the past 4 years. With energy, quirky décor and an indescribable “vibe” of a free spirit, Buck’s effortlessly mirrors the entrepreneurial spirit of the Silicon Valley through its food and ambiance.

You can not help but bask in that reflected spirit. It’s a great place for day 1 of the new year.

I tried the croissant French toast – a delectable delicacy for sure! They took a buttery, flakey crescent of perfection and sliced it up, immersed it generously in a flavorful eggbath and toasted it up just until the crispy outside provides the perfect textural contrast to the creamy inside on your tongue. Pampered with some whipped cream and some fresh syrup, the croissant French toast teases you with its playful yet luxurious silken experience. It’s a pretty effective escape from reality, and while unsatisfyingly transient that escape may be – it is still rejuvenating. Specially when your reality calls for some escaping.

One of my friends tried the huevos rancheros and the other tried the avocado turkey sandwich. The sandwich seemed fresh and well made, and what it lacked in creative oomph, it made up for in comforting and reassuring middle-of-the-road normalcy. The huevos rancheros seemed carefully and cleverly crafted – offering both textural variety from the creamy yolk coating the rest of the ensemble, as well as a colorful and festive reminder of what’s truly meaningful in life. The dish in its final composition almost dared you to isolate yourself from the encumberments of life’s distractions, however hard hitting they seem at times, to appreciate and revel in the core, the basics, and the truly meaningful.

“You got all that from eggs?” you say. Remember, this is not just about what I ate and where, what ingredients were used, or what paintings kept us company. It’s about the experience, what I felt, and what I came away reflecting on. It’s about the sensory introspection and about taking a lot of literary liberties. A lot.

Buck’s was invigorating, at a time when I needed the energy and the boost.