I eat very fast. It’s one of my many food-related quirks. I am in no rush. I’m perfectly happy waiting for service. I’m even more content to spend the next 5 hours over a 3 course meal at some restaurant. But I can’t ever eat slowly. There’s seemingly no savouring every bite. No zen moment of fork to tongue to closing of my eyes.  I would also never be able to seductively bite into an apple, or slowly lick my lips in anticipation of a Belgian waffle with a scoop of Belgian white chocolate ice-cream, sprinkled with brownies, white chocolate bits and toffee chunks.

In the world of fine and casual dining, I’m the perpetual Sylvester who pops in Tweety in his mouth, rushing to hide any traces of his indulgence. He doesn’t chew, he inhales.  Seeing me eat, you might be forgiven for thinking that I’m worried I won’t ever get to sit down for another meal. Or that eating may soon go out of style.

Often I feel slightly abashed about this quirk. Am I in a rush to get somewhere? No, no, not at all! And please don’t *YOU* rush on my account. I don’t mean to imply you’re that annoying kid who takes 5 hours to finish your lunch, only to have to start on your supper right away. Please stay seated. I will too. I just finished eating, not spending time with you 🙂 

But the truth is, I do savour my bites. I just do it quickly 🙂 I do have those “OMG this is heaven!” moments. Especially when nutella or ice cold Coke is involved. I appreciate those moments too. I love eating, and eating out. But I still end up devouring my food. If I  make enough of an effort, I can play around with my food long enough to finish around the same time as you. But it is an effort. I’d rather finish eating quickly and without notice, and then spend the rest of the time I’m at the restaurant talking to you, noticing the decor, getting lost in my thoughts, people watch, flirt with a hot waiter  (or you, if you’re cute enough 😉 ). So much to see, do, hear and think about.

I turn 33 today. And I thought it’s time I embraced my quirk, and proclaim it loud: I eat fast. I eat a lot. And I’m really okay with it 🙂