Los Gallos means “the roosters”. In keeping with its name, there are brightly colored renditions of the rooster all over the taqueria walls. It’s actually an interesting presentation – at first glance the colors and composition help melt into a unified “background” of colors and warmth, creating the ambiance for your meal.

It’s only slowly along the course of the evening, through an amalgamation of glances and peripheral captures that you notice each component of the overall ambiance. A slow awakening if you will. But then you focus on the food-coma inducing culinary experience and the ambiance, to be honest, melts away into oblivion. Sad, but true.

What Los Gallos does so well is to combine flavors so amazingly well, holding back on the grease, much to the pleasant surprise of the taqueria guest! They have an extensive menu with all sorts of items and combinations. When I came in for the first time, I will admit that I was a little overwhelmed and had to turn to my dinner companions for advice and recommendations. Someone suggested the tortas. Blindly I clutched and went ahead with the grilled chicken torta.

The torta is a Mexican take on a sandwich – with the grilled meat housed in a freshly baked Mexican bread that is light and fluffy and slightly sweet. To cushion the grilled meat, the torta counts on a generous fistful of chopped lettuce and tomatoes, slathered onto the foundation of the bread with sour cream, salsa and guacamole. There may be a few other elements to this valiant construction effort, but by the second or third biteful, I’ve stopped all attempts at reverse engineering or deconstructing this heavenly offering. What’s the point? It’s sacrilegious to try to replicate perfection.

They have a salsa bar with super fresh and uber crispy tortilla chips for you to fetch for your table. To share. Or not. The salsas are genuine and unapologetic in their strength of flavor and boldness. If you need even more spice, there’s a mound of jalapenos you can layer in to your desired level of heat and kick. I’m usually perfectly happy with the standard heat profile in my tortas.

The tables are huge and the taqueria is spacious and clean. There is a laid-back and homely feel conducive to a fairly large and diverse group. You order at the counter and the food is brought out to your table by your order number, so it’s a great setup for a people coming and going at different times.

Los Gallos was fun, light-hearted and low-commitment, with amazing flavors in an unassuming and simple, no frills dedication to the celebration of taste.