I was so going to waltz back in and pretend the last three weeks of non-updates just didn’t happen.

Actually for more than half of that time, I’ve been meaning to write: conjuring up engaging tales of culinary adventures and experiences in my head as I trudged along juggling ‘life’ and merrily collecting the nuggets of new restaurants I knew I could be excited about. Some casual, some not so much, some scrounged up and barely counting towards the 101 target, but still progress.

Somehow I was just not getting the writing part done. It doesn’t take that long really and it’s hard to convincingly justify even to myself that I don’t have the ten minutes it takes these days to scribble out an entry even on the go on the phone.

So if time wasn’t the hurdle, if content wasn’t rate limiting, if inspiration was unending – what was the block?

I actually couldn’t tell you if I tried. The hourglass of life just seemed to be flipping back and forth as if on steroids and flaunting it. One missed write up and one unwritten explanation snowballed to a baker’s dozen faster than you could say ‘donut’. The weight of the silence bore down and threatened to choke and cripple.

Maybe silence is an inherent component to our shared voice on this blog. I mean, we did start the year with much time, content and inspiration on our hands and THAT was just twelve weeks of deafening silence. Then we wrote on and off, baton-passing in a wordless choreography that commands envy. Then three weeks of more silence. Laced with the blush of guilt of not writing.

Anyway, hiatus, life, maddening laziness, life: all excuses aside, this is try 2. After all, resilience is about brushing off the past umpteenth breaks and rising again. Yet again. Right?

And we may have spurts of silence. But we’re resilient if we’re anything at all.