I was in great spirits. Even before I had caught up with the backlog of collected 101 gems from the Oregon and California coastline road trip, I was heading to NYC. Here was my chance to rack up my new places to eat count!! Of course, the catching up on the writing was an entirely different matter, best left un-mulled upon.

Deftly dealing with all the unexpected snafus of the shuttle reservation and finally making it to the airport, great spirits still intact, I spied what was probably the longest security line in the history of all airline travels. Ok maybe it wasn’t that bad. But the line snaked back and forth, doubling over on itself and packing away twice as many hapless travelers as you’d imagine possible at first glance. I settled into the wait, clutching at aforementioned good spirits and refusing to be daunted. After all, all I had to do was deal with the boredom and slowly but surely make my way along with everyone else. Mindless really. I could pull it off.

All travel travails end well when dealt with indifference and refusal to give into frustration and angst, imho. Soon enough, I was through with security, heading down to my gate at the very end of the gate-hallway.

I kept an eye out for an amazing eatery discovery: forgetting, for the umpteenth time, that airports never fail to disappoint and sadden me. Yet I was still in good, nay great, spirits, refusing to lose hope.

And then I ran out of food options to choose from. How did that happen? I just passed that one grill/pub place with its empty to-go counter and that was it. Up ahead I could see the lighted signs of one last beacon of hope. Could this terminal be really so bereft of eating options or did I blindly walk past them all?


So Guava and Java it was. A steady stream of weary passengers and flight crew flitted past, requesting smoothies, paninis and hot chocolates. Some were adventurous and emerged from the line holding up glasses of guava juice (or mango juice for those who weren’t as adventurous).

I ordered a strawberry lemonade smoothie, inspired by a recent drive-thru delicacy of a drink on a hot day. The smoothie was nice. Not sure I’ll crave it or dream about it, but it was nice.

It’s ok I told myself. Technically this is still SF, so maybe the great food experience streak will pick right back up when I reach NYC. Check back in to see how it went 🙂