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Do you have any idea how excited I was to come across The Good Neighbour yesterday? I think I finally found a cafe that works for me here in Toronto. Located in High Park/Junction area, the cafe is situated on a quiet intersection on Annette Street, and feels very homey.

Pro # 1 : It has a fantastic latte. 

Strong espresso. YUM.
Frothy steamed milk. YUM.
Combined together – HOLY MOLY YUM .

They also have other drinks, and I need to go back to try all the other items on the menu. I just loved the latte so much, that I ended up ordering it twice. Granted, I’m not a coffee connoisseur so I can’t comment on how good it is except to say I liked it a lot.

Pro # 2:  The patrons were all Haight-Ashbury-esque. 

All artsy or a combination of hipster-prep. Or something. My point is, it’s one of those places, where you can be dressed however, look however, and you won’t feel out of place. I kind of got the impression that a lot of the patrons knew each other, even if it was just in passing. So there were a lot of “hello” smiles, and slight nods of acknowledgement that makes you feel like a part of the community.

Pro # 3: The decor is done just.. right.

The place is artsy. By that I mean, it has a long high community table. A few two-seater tables, a “breakfast/window bar table”, and couches. The brick walls, the handwritten chalk board, the art works on the wall – they all add up to a well puttogether, comforting space.

Pro # 4: Free-wifi.

Ok, so this isn’t unique to this coffee shop but you still gotta love a place where there’s no time limit, good enough speed and tons of plug outlets to facilitate said free wifi. I like a place where I can get a couple of hours of decent work done, along with good coffee  and a good atmosphere.

(My local starbucks keeps slowing down the wifi, or making you re-sign in every hr or so, which is a mega pain).

Pro # 5: It’s also got pastries and paninis.

Let me repeat the key word here. Paninis. I believe all sandwiches need to be pressed. It changes things. I’m pretty sure it could also lead to world peace.

The only problem with this place is that it’s 30 minutes from my house 😦 Otherwise I’d be there a lot more often. I wish Mississauga had more independent, neighbourhood cafes. I like Starbucks just fine, but it’s just so much cozier to have a local favourite that can’t be found elsewhere.  Having said, I feel like The Good Neighbour would be worth a more frequent drive.