It’s a hot muggy day. The sun is shining, its brightness giving me the illusion of a perfect world. But the heat is just a tad closer to oppressiveness than I would like. Everything is so loud. The roads groan in the heat, the fallen leaves snap, crackle and pop, the roof shingles creak into curl in an effort to cool themselves.

No one else notices though, I don’t think. The world around me seems to love the perfect day, so they’re all outside, basking in the sun, dreamily drowsy, mellow and content. I am a blurry outline, misshapen, vanishing while everything and everyone around me is defined and colourful.

I walk quickly to my destination – my apartment –  and as I open the door, all sticky and sweaty and running away from the world…..on that  line of separation at the entrance, the threshold, the moment of perfection hits. Lemony-fresh floors, the cushions on the couch tilted just so. But the finishing touch – that makes this moment – is  the AC and the fridge humming in orchestrated, rhythmic symphony that cools and soothes me instantly as I take a swig of ice cold coke from a can. That  is it. My favourite feeling in the whole world. That feeling that I’ve captured elusiveness, this magical talisman that can envelope me into a quiet cocoon and make me whole again. A relief. A comfort.