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There were a few weeks when I was trekking out to the Irvine airport almost twice a week. Most trips were quick in and out day trips: first flight out and late afternoon flight back. Breakfast at SJC and dinner at SNA, some days lunch at one or the other.

Most exciting though, is that the Irvine airport was recently given a face lift. A bran new food court with a much wider variety than before. Happiness for the 101 project!


Jerry’s Dogs is one of the new options at the food court opposite gate 14 and in terminal B. Our southwest flight usually pulls up to gate 16 or 17 and we either was over to the food court on our way to the rental car center, or stop by on our way back through the airport on the return leg. The food court is nice: nice tables and workspace and some pretty good options and choices.

Project 101 made me try out Jerry’s Dogs. Otherwise I think I would have continued ordering the exact same thing from the exact same place.


I stuck to a basic hot dog, though I must admit that it was less out of choice and more out of the sheer flabbergasting volume of choice that successfully befuddled my simple mind. So instead of figuring out if the southwestern dog or the nacho dog was the ‘right’ one for the mood, I went with the basic. Safe. Easy.

And basic it was. Hard to mess up a standard hotdog I suppose. Your standard unexciting white bun, split and warm. Embracing an all beef log of processed meatiness. Dotted with spicy mustard and ketchup: or you can also choose from a wide array of topping options. Of course, there’s nothing holding you back from ordering a recommended combination of experimental choices.

The fries: not so much. Sad and greasy. Decidely not crispy wispy delights. Passable when bathed in ketchup and if you’re in a generous and forgiving mood. Which I was that day: work meetings had gone great.

After a slew of disappointing airport encounters (remember the bakery and the frappe fiasco?), Jerry’s Dogs was comfortingly middle of the road and safe. Safe is nice, specially if you’re shuttling back and forth between airports.