I’m at the airport. On my way to Toronto.

You know what this means.

Simika and I will be in the same city. After one full year (and two days, but who’s counting…)

This means we will be 101-ing with unparalleled zest and many a squeal (or sophisticated ‘oh my’s) at the culinary wonders spread before us.

Will we write parallel posts with different viewpoints? Will we take turns? Will we co-write paragraphs? Will we just shut off for the 5 days? Who knows.

First half of project 101 is over. It’s been interesting so far: delayed starts, long silences and just a lot of fun. You, our readers, have been a supportive bunch (if a little reticent to participate vocally but feel free to change that up in the second half of the year).

What will the second half hold?

Toronto downtown, 2 day road trip to Montreal, Niagra Falls and fireworks: here we come!