As some of you may know, I suffer from a weird version of OCD: I can eat Smarties only after I’ve sorted them by colour. I usually start with the dark shades/colours first, and then work my way to the lightest. Except for the orange ones. Those are always saved for the last!

I eat one item at a time – so even if it’s something like … say, fried rice, i’ll eat the carrots first, then the bits of eggs, then the peas, then the chicken and finally the rice. It’s a tedious process. I’ll never ever touch the onion bits. Same with samosas – I eat the outer pastry shell first, then the potatoes, then the meat. The onions are untouched. I hate biting into onions.

No point to this post, actually. I’m just trying to will myself to eat a mixed handful of smarties, is all.