I love waterfalls. There’s something almost magical about standing in front of one, as up close as possible given the geography of the said waterfall, and given the limitations of my sense of adventure and innate need for a sliver of buffer between my self and the awe inspiring power of nature. The cool incessant spray, the tug and twirl of the accumulating pool of the fallen volumes – but most of all, the deafening roar of the water falling. Silences the voices in your head, and gives you that one moment of clarity to think, to experience, and to feel.

So this brings me to the deafening roar of silence from my end on this blog. You could take it as a sign of pure laziness, lack of dedication or discipline, or just an apathetic and flagrant breach of the covenants of the 101 challenge.

Or you could take it as an opportunity grabbed (granted, selfishly) for a moment of reflection and mid-year introspection. A little bit dragged out perhaps. Maybe quite a bit. Maybe unwarrantedly so. And what covenant, you frown …

Regardless, here’s a break in the fabric of silence. Here’s the cetacean head emerging, blowhole fountain a-prepped and ready to share the bounty of amazing culinary experiences and experimentation, in between disappearances underwater. With stories of red velvet lattes, duck liver mousse with almond crumble cookies, the quaint, the rowdy and the quirky! Buckle up 🙂