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I have a lot of patience. Almost unending. Normally hope springs eternal … for me, patience springs eternal. I am not sure why I keep on giving airport eateries chances after chances, all leading so predictably to heartbreak.

Zov’s didn’t even make any false promises of being different. Unassumingly tucked into the corner between a fancy grill and Pinkberry’s, there’s not even a line at Zov’s most of the time. And I know, since there were weeks this spring when I spent more time transiting through the Santa Ana, Orange County airport than at home. I got pretty attached to the newly renovated food court opposite gate 14. Not overly crowded, good table space to spread out notes and strategize for that umpteenth presentation.


The food is boring and sad. I recommend Pei Wei across from Zov’s instead. I don’t even really know whether I want to count it towards my 101 since there was literally nothing to write home about my salad. Sigh. The saga of sad airport eatery experience plods along …