I only have to discover seven more new restaurants for me to reach my goal of 101.

If my goal is to only try out new restaurants, that is.

If my goal is to write about each and every one of them, then I’m woefully behind. I suck. I need to go sit in a corner by myself and cry.

Last night my sister was joking about always aiming for the moon, and landing among the stars. Which would be awesome because that would mean I’d exceed my expectations. However, let’s just say, at this point, I’ll be happy if I write about at least 20 more experiences. It’ll be more of a “Reach for the stars, and you may land on the moon.” Which kind of sounds pretty awesome too. For an underachiever.

(Just nod and agree, to make me feel better!) 

I’m procrastinating on the writing front because I am inherently lazy. My solution so far as been to periodically write a pesudo apology post. Must rectify this. No. Will rectify this.