Enough has been said already about some disappointing experiences i have had with airport eateries. Stale sandwiches, unexciting options, gritty drinks – and yet I cling to hope.

Pei Wei’s helps. It reaffirms my faltering faith in the ability of convenience and culinary acceptability to mesh in harmony at airport eateries.

They call themselves an Asian Diner. They offer fairly standard options – but they do it right. The taste is average – nothing to really write home about but also nothing you will gag on and perish. The meal is freshly prepared after you order (or at least freshly tossed up together and packaged as you wait), and you get a piping hot meal. It’s a pretty decent deal if you consider the context of zipping off a flight and on your way to a meeting, and being able to grab a hot meal instead of that stale sandwich on your way to or from that flight.


After I’ve ordered and been handed my ticket, I usually like stepping away, finding a table, and then turning back to gaze at the collection of their woks and massive strainers hanging from behind the flattops and the counters. Its mesmerizing. Even more so when you’ve just come off a mind-numbingly unexciting one hour flight. And they have suspended flat panel tvs with pictures of their dishes and descriptions circulating. Trust me, its hypnotic.

20120619-224754.jpgPei Wei’s makes me happy. Most weeks, I try not to experiment around, and make a beeline to Pei Wei’s, assured that whatever I will get will be ok enough to get me through until I get home later on in the day! I’m not a big fan of air travel (specially for work), but something about the familiar comfort of Pei Wei’s has made my frequent trips to the Santa Ana airport a wee bit less traumatic. Good job!