Who knows? Today is January 1, 2013 – the first day of the new year. So much hope, promise and potential. Anything can happen! Well, almost anything … Right?

A lot has happened since this endless hiatus started in early October. Drafts of posts have accidentally appeared, and have been yanked back. The target of 101 new restaurants have been reached amid much fanfare on both the east and west coasts – both in Toronto and in San Francisco. I’ve moved, with a new job, from San Francisco to New York! New job, new apartment, much chaos, and a LOT of new restaurants.

Yet not a single new post transpired. First it was the 2 week long vacation and the drive across the country from SF to NY, leading to countless excuses of needing to settle down or catch up or what-have-you … November came and went, and the holidays hit. More new restaurants and oh-so-many memorable experiences to write about – and the excuses kept piling up.

So 2012 ended. We both met our targets, and had an amazing time doing it – and have been pleasantly empowered through the process of challenging ourselves outside our comfort zones. Even our failed experiments have had entertainment value! We just never got our act together to write about it all šŸ™‚

So 2013 will be a year of catch up. We’ll look back through our list, keep writing when we can, and maybe even branch forth a little. I know I want to add a whole section on my experiments in the kitchen, so it’s both eating out and dining in. We’ll just continue to write, and reminisce about that year of the 101 new restaurants.

So what one thing will I remember the most about the 101 challenge of 2012? Hands down, it has to be the excitement and participation of my close friends, who researched new eateries to help me reach my target, who kept count with me, and cheered me on, encouraged me to write (even though I didn’t), and laughed with me about the fact that I wasn’t writing. Amazing gems you are – and you know who you are.

Pass me that gavel please. Consider this blog resuscitated. Maybe fleetingly, maybe more lastingly – who knows? Find out with us?