I have never been one for brown bagging lunches from home. Growing up, I’d usually buy my lunches at school. Or take chips, crackers and juice boxes for lunch. Once I moved off to campus, I started eating in the cafeterias, and then by the time I graduated and started work, I mostly ate out for lunches. I love hot meals, and it’s nicer to be served something – so eating out is my go-to option.

Until I started school last semester. Chalk it up to old age. Or a faux-nostalgic desire for things I never had in my childhood, but I’m more and more enticed by the idea of taking my lunch to school. I told myself it’s to save money – and that’s true too. But the truth is, somehow I’m seduced by the idea of taking my lunch. Maybe it’s all the korean dramas I’ve been watching, where a packed lunch = emotional happiness.

Or maybe I’m just curious.

Either way, I’ve been good (by my standards) in taking my lunch to school often the first semester. But I’ll admit, I fell back onto pre-made options, packaged foods (hello, Ramen bowls!) and Campbell’s soups. A cop-out if you will. And one that tempts me to just chuck it, and buy myself a warm, toasted chicken wrap from the cafeteria. If I’m going to be brown-bagging it, then I want to do it right. I want actual home-made food.

The problem of course is that home-made food requires planning and effort. Ideally I’d have a magic genie in my kitchen who would pack my lunches every day, something different each day, always delicious. But since that genie is essentially me, I figured with school starting next week, I’ll give this planning and putting in effort thing a try.

So behold my plan!

First I shall invest in some cute but practical containers.

A divided container so I can take a variety of stuff in one container

Second I shall create a meal plan for 3 lunches a week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I have classes until 10 pm on Wednesdays, so technically I should also think about a dinner option but I figure I’ll leave some room to satisfy my habit of buying a hot meal, or going for a quick bite with friends before class.

Something like this to make feel all efficient and smug

Third, I shall get myself a cute lunch bag kind of like this one:

And lastly…

Oh there is no fourth point…so I guess that’s the end of this post?