State Bird Provisions may have been the ultimate best dining out experience. Ever. There, I’ve said it.

Dear State Bird Provisions – I want to be you. I want to be the unique combination of quirky and adventurous; the just-right blend of form and function, aesthetics and taste; the no-comparison daring innovation and creativity that leaves the diner stunned, paralysed even.

But I digress. Taking it from the top …

My friend picked State Bird Provisions for my birthday treat. It all happened very last minute, and when she tried to get reservations, she faced a few weeks worth of a wait. Yikes. Neither of us plan that ahead of time to comfortably commit to reservations (I’m breaking into hives just typing out the word commit).

I’d be up for pretty much anything, I told her, but she seemed pretty set on this idea. We called them anyway, disregarding their online reservation cautionary notes. Turns out they do have a handful of seats at the bar/counter that are first-come first-served and are not under the control of the reservations gnomes. Show up and wait, and the seat’s yours when it’s free, they told us.

We had to hatch a plan. Maybe we could get there an hour before the establishment opened and trip everyone who walked by. Not our brightest idea, admittedly. We mulled, we scribbled, and mired in the sea of crumpled paper and flipchart paper … In the end, our conniving settled down to a rather innocuous plan of getting there right at opening to try our luck. We identified a backup eatery in case we weren’t up for a two hour wait at the doors, and satisfied with our game plan, we dispersed.

Right at opening meant we were there about a half hour into dinner time. I had gotten there earlier, and I watched as throngs of twos and fours made their way through a rather nondescript door, merrily chatting amongst themselves and eagerly looking forward to their reservations.


When my friend did come, we hustled inside, eagerly waiting to hear how long of a wait we are facing.