Our hiatus (hiati’i? hiatuses?) have been so many and so prolonged, that it’s sometimes easier to refer to the sporadic bursts of activity as the exception to the norm … 

With summer 2014 now formally kicked off and in full force, I’m excited to rejoin forces with Simika to rejuvenate our adventures and forays into the culinary worlds – dining out explorations to complement our Project 101 (and complete it, really, at least from a writing standpoint), experimentation in our test kitchens as well as sharing our evolving ideas and perspectives about food at the crossroads of science, culture, history, anthropology and life.

So, let the games begin? I know I’ll be taking any and all bets of how sustainably we’ll keep at it this time, and how shortlived (or not) our period of activity may be!

-Naina, June 7, 2014