I’ll admit right now that it is very unrealistic to expect me to finish the write ups of the 101 restaurants. The experiment was undertaken to help Naina and me connect (or in my case, reconnect) with New York and Toronto respectively. Which it did. In spades. My transition back home was seamless, and I credit this project for helping me settle in so quickly. I realize now that my taste buds have evolved, in part due to this experiment. I know areas in Toronto that I had never visited before. I recognized what matters to me when dining out, and what doesn’t. The best part was the involvement of my friends here in Toronto who joined in whole heartedly, looking up options, giving their opinions, helping me keep track, and joining me in my quest. So it’s been bugging me that while this project had such an impact, I don’t foresee myself writing up the individiual reviews for each of them. At this point, it’s not just laziness. It’s the realization that my shoddy memory is working hand in hand with my limited vocabulary (and ability to describe my experience). But here is my compromise. I will go through my list again, and share with you  The Five that Make Me Glad I Moved to Toronto.

And we’ll take it from there 🙂

And we’ll take it from there