How do I find my way around here?

If you have been following this blog for a while now, you know how it is. You’ve read how this all began and you’ve been following enough of our posts to know that there is NO system. We write when we have time, and when we have something to say. Maybe about the most recent culinary fiasco at an airport eatery. Maybe about a fine dining experience from a few months ago as we play catch up (3 month delayed start). No chronological order. No rhyme or reason. Not much of any order really.

If you’re new to our humble hang-out in cyberspace, you’re wondering how to navigate through all of the posts (since they are all so riveting). Here are some quick tips:

1. Check out Simika’s or my list to see whether there’s anywhere specific you want to read about

2. Check out our calendar of posts (main page, left side bar, calendar)

3. Once you’ve caught up, “follow” us (main page, top of the left side bar) so that you’ll be informed of when there are updates

Will there ever be some semblance of order, for example grouping of posts by trips or by date visited? I wouldn’t hold my breath 🙂


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