Naina’s list

From April 06, 2012:

Really? You want a sneak preview into the long list of amassed jewel of eateries before I get to writing about them?

Not happening. Just be patient, and encourage me to be regular about posting!

Updated ten days later … :

I see the value in keeping a list here, grudgingly, may I add. It will just serve as a constant reminder of how behind I am!

Started January 01, 2010:

1. Bucks, Woodside

2. Cafe Ethiopia, Mission, SF

3. Crepes on Cole, Cole Valley, SF

4. Hama-Ko, Cole Valley, SF

5. Los Gallos Taqueria, Menlo Park

6. Silver Palace, Chinatown, SF

7. Burgermeister, Cole Valley, SF

8. Oye! Managua, Bernal Heights, SF

9. Mexico Bakery, San Jose

10. Brenda’s, Tenderloin, SF

11. Tea House, Golden Gate Park, SF

12. Houston’s, Irvine

13. Park Chow, Cole Valley, SF

14. Da Pitt, SF

15. Cafe Abir, SF

16. Le Boulanger, SJC airport

17. Apu’s Cafe, San Mateo

18. Kim Son Vietnamese Restaurant, Outer Richmond, SF

19. Balboa Teriyaki, Outer Richmond, SF

20. Simple Pleasures Cafe, Outer Richmond, SF

21. Aicha, Nob Hill, SF

22. St. Michael’s Alley, Palo Alto

23. Tokio Grille, Irvine

24. 24th Street Cafe, Bakersfield

25. Sunrise Bagel Cafe, San Ramon

26. Clarke’s, Mountain View

27. Tommy Thai, Mountain View

28. xxx: Ooops there was a duplicate here! How come no one else pointed it out?? tsk tsk. You’re NOT paying attention. Sigh. I’ll gap-fill with the next restaurant (updated June 22, 2012)

28. La Fusion, San Francisco (clearly very much out of order, but oh well)

29. Gombei Bento, Sunnyvale

30. Bazaar Cafe, Outer Sunset, San Francisco

31. Holdren’s Steak and Seafood, Thousand Oaks

32. Zazie, SF

33. MacCullum House, Medocino

34. Taqueria Bravo, Willits

35. JD Redhouse, Willits

36. New Tsing Tao, West Portal, SF

37. Mojo Burger, SJC airport

38. Pei Wei, SNA airport (Orange County, Irvine)

Update: May 17, 2012 – 20 weeks into the year, target ~ 40 restaurants = 5% behind target! If you and I have been to a restuarant together and I’ve missed it on this list, please do le tme know 🙂

39. Jerry’s Dog, SNA airport

40. Zov’s, SNA airport

41. Broder’s, Portland, Oregon

42. Tillamook Creamery, Tillamook, Oregon

43. Little Italy, Coos Bay, Oregon

44. Superfly, Brookings, Oregon

45. Eel River Brewery Co., Fortuna, CA

46. Egghead’s Restaurant, Fort Bragg, CA

47. OverVue, Dana Point, CA

48. Picasso’s Tapas Restaurant, San Jose

49. Jardin, Santana Row, San Jose

50. Guava and Java, SF airport, SF

51. Marseilles, Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

52. Charles’s Country Pan Fried Chicken, Harlem, NYC

53. Penelope, Kips Bay, NYC

54. L’Arte del Gelato, Chelsea Market, NYC

55. Dervish, Times Square, NYC

56. Royal Halal Food, Times Square, NYC

57. Katz’s Deli, Lower East Side, NYC

58. Sripraphai, Elmhurst, NYC

59. Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan, Flushing Meadows, NYC

60. Rincon Criollo, North Corona, Queens

61. Zambra, Burlingame

62. Ice Cream Bar, Cole Valley, SF

63. Zarzuella, SF

64. Korean BBQ, Inner Richmond, SF

65. Woodhouse Fish Company, SF

July 2: Countless new eateries in Toronto and Montreal: updates coming soon!

66. Tim Horton’s, Mississauga, ON, Canada

67. Brick Street Bakery, Distillery, Toronto, ON, Canada

68. Jumbo Empanadas, Toronto, ON, Canada

69. Fresca’s Fish and Chips, Toronto, ON, Canada

70. House of Poutini, Toronto, ON, Canada

71. Guido’s and Angelina’s, Montreal

72. La Banquis, Montreal

73. Stash Cafe, Old Town, Montreal

74. Schwartz, Montreal

75. Eddie’s Wok ‘n Roll, Mississauga, ON, Canada

78. Anjappar Chettinad Indian Restaurant, Milpitas

79. Kobe Sake, San Bruno

80. Chang Puak White Elephant Restaurant, San Bruno

81. La Oaxaquena, Mission, SF

82. Red Rabbit, Sacramento

83. Temple Coffee and Tea, Sacramento

84. Bridgetender, North Lake Tahoe

85. Hand dipped ice cream bar stand, North Lake Tahoe

86. Kru, Sacramento

87. Evan’s Kitchen, Sacramento

88. State Bird Provisions, San Francisco

89. Kabul Afghan Cuisine, Burlingame

90. La Bodeguita Del Medio, Palo Alto

91. Grand Palace, South San Francisco

92. Smitten’s, San Francisco

93. Mela Tandoori House, San Francisco

94. Never Too Latte Cafe & Bakery, San Bruno

95. Samovar Tea Lounge, Castro, San Francisco

96. Ali Baba’s, South San Francisco

97. Yoko’s Japanese Cuisine, South San Francisco

98. Alegrias, Marina/Cow Hollow, San Francisco

99. The Mad Dog in the Fog, Lower Haight, San Francisco

100. Il Piccolo Cafe Specialita Italiane, Sausalito

101. Queen Malika Cafe, Castro, San Francisco


102. Casanova, Mission, San Francisco

103. Taqueria Cancun, Mission, San Francisco

104. Poc Chuc, Mission, San Francisco

105. Wang’s Kitchen, Milpitas

106. Taste in Mediterranean Food, Burlingame

107. Mijouri Sushi Bune, San Bruno

108. Pacific Catch, San Francisco

109. Hong Kong Flower Lounge, Millbrae

110. Chit-chat Cafe, Pacifica

111. La Trappe, North Beach

112. Au Coquelet

113. 2 Dames and a Deli, Elko, Nevada

114. Buffalo Cafe, Twin Falls, Idaho

115. Buck’s Grill House, Moab, Utah

116. Love Muffin Cafe, Moab, Utah

117. Tibet Kitchen, Boulder, Colorado

118. The Rib House, Boulder, Colorado

119. Boulder Baked, Boulder, Colorado

120. Dot’s Diner

121. The Bamboo Garden, Sterling, Colorado

121. Cafe Fuzion, Des Moines, Iowa

122. The Village Inn, Ogden, Utah

123. San Soo Gab San, Chicago, Illinois

124. El Barco Mariscos, Chicago, Illinois


[Quick update as of Jan 1 2013: There’s gotta be at least another 25 or so I am missing out on so far, maybe even 30 restaurants – I will try to remember and add to this list over the next couple of weeks … to capture a total 2012 restaurant count at least!]


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