Test Kitchen

With the 101 challenge successfully wrapped up in 2012, and each of us going over target by a good 20-30 restaurants, 2013 is going to be a year of catching up with all the writing.

If 2012 was about dining out and trying new cuisines, then emboldened by our wealth of exposure of the past year, shouldn’t 2013 introduce the “dining in” component of our culinary adventures?

Hence “Our Test Kitchen”. This is really where we’ll come to vent, rave and rant and otherwise amuse and regale with accounts of our culinary fiascoes (and raging successes, one-of or otherwise). Should you expect accounts of kitchens alit on fire and smoke alarms ablaze? Yes. Should you expect pictures of the delectable (or not) gourmet goodies that come from our stovetops and ovens? Probably. Should you expect a disciplined and regular update in this new category for this year? I wouldn’t hold my breath …

So buckle up (yes, this year too) and come join us on this ride down memory lane of our as-yet undocumented 2012 101-challenge experiences, complemented by this brand new fledgling section of our test kitchen antics!


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